jamie comptonIn 1995 I was studying to become a Certified Rolfer when Dr. Peter Levine came to our class to teach us about the Somatic Experience® (SE™) process. The impression he made on me was powerful and I knew that his work was to be a part of my life in the future. However, it was not until 2001 when I had a head-on car accident that I was able to truly experience SE™ treatment for myself.

The collision broke no bones, but it did create severe whiplash and a year’s worth of chronic pain. I received multiple Rolfing and Acupuncture sessions during this period but to no avail. One year out, with much of the pain still in place, I went for a series of three SE™ sessions. The first SE™ session rid me 90% of the pain and not a hand was laid on me. The following two sessions, which included light touch, got me close to 100% better.

As delighted as I was to be suddenly free of pain, I was just as perplexed by how the change came about. The re-enactment of my collision – where I felt myself go back in time as supported by the SE™ practitioner – is what I needed to release the charge that remained in my body. There is nothing like experiencing something for yourself to truly believe in it.

Seventeen years after becoming a Rolfer I became an SE™ Practitioner. The complimentary path of these two disciplines brings together for me a missing component of my Rolfing work. Bridging the physical body with the sensory system allows for comprehensive approach to self care. Dr. Peter Levine’s lecture in 1995 finally came full circle and I completed a path that enables me to integrate the past and the present in helping people overcome their pain. My professional practice has never felt so appropriately connected to the whole body.